Structural Solutions

Structural Solutions

Structuring, development and project management

  • End to end solutions for various demands in the naval area (maritime and fluvial), Port and offshore;
  • Asset analysis for construction restart, budgeting and construction management;
  • Preparation, budgeting and management of projects for adaptation and improvement of vessels;
  • Elaboration, budget and project management of port, naval and offshore constructions;
  • Structuring and operationalization of projects for logistics, maritime transport and towing;
  • Feasibility analysis, implementation and commercial development of new projects;
  • Structuring of projects to obtain resources (prioritization) with the Merchant Marine Fund, for financing to BNDES, FINEP and other funding institutions, as well as financial agents;
  • Modeling of technical and financial proposals for BIDS;
  • Development of Business plan and strategic planning.

Suitability and delivery of vessels – Offshore & Maritime Support

  • Preparation of vessels for service contracts;
  • Planning and management of commissioning with the classifying society and customers;
  • Elaboration and monitoring of documentation with the maritime and port authorities, as well as the classification societies;
  • Elaboration and monitoring of documentary evidence with the carriers;
  • Preparation and monitoring of inspection groups (GISNP).

Reports and surveyss

  • Preparation of technical Report of vessels (condition survey);
  • Financial valuation of the asset (valuation);
  • Inspection of purchase of vessels (pre purchase survey);
  • Survey, analysis and elaboration of claims reports.

Operational analysis and process modernization

  • Diagnosis, design, implementation and monitoring of internal processes with the company team;
  • Re Organizational structuring with clear definitions of responsibilities and processes;
  • Implementation of goals (KPIs) and elaboration of action plans focused on results.

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