Operational Solutions

Operational Solutions

Construction and Maintenance Management – Offshore & Maritime Support

We develop solutions for maintenance, modernization and repairs (docking), through our network of qualified professionals. Our goal is to:

  • Eliminate recurring problems;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Reduce downtime and loss of revenue.

Fleet Operations – Offshore & Maritime Support

We develop solutions for operations of Brazilian and foreign flag vessels in Brazilian territorial waters, from documentary demands, operational procedures and selection of Professionals. Our objectives are:

  • More efficient controls of documentation that will mitigate risks of interruptions in the operations, loss of revenue, fines and even contractual rescissions;
  • Reduction of turnover and retention of skilled teams;
  • Improvement of operational performances.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Through an experienced team in the sector, we operate as procurement, presenting integrated solutions door to door supply chain for materials and equipment. We conduct negotiations and contract management with national and foreign suppliers. We elaborate technical specifications and maker lists. Our objectives are:

  • Agility in the acquisition of materials and equipment;
  • Greater control of supply chain steps;
  • Better negotiations with suppliers and service providers, based on the expertise of our professionals;
  • Assertiveness in the specifications of materials and equipment, as needed by our customers.

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